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About Our Bullets

The tiles above represent the most popular bullets we have sold, but it is by no means exclusive. If you have a need for a bullet that is not displayed, please contact us and we may be able to make one. All of our bullets are available in either gold or silver, which means exactly that - the bullet is gold or silver. The shell is a standard brass, nickel, or stainless steel. Additionally, our shells are recycled and inspected for defects and blemishes before they are reloaded.
All of our ammunition is available in either a live or inert state, and we also offer plain bullets which are popular with individuals who prefer to reload thier own shells. We also cast silver and gold mini-balls for black powder enthusiasts. Our gold and silver mini-balls are popular with Civil War reenactors too.

Disclaimer: All of our bullets are all 99.99% pure silver or gold, and were conceived for several reasons:

Nevertheless, our research demonstrates that precious metal ammunition doesn't necessarily perform well ballistically, and at least one other investigation by a separate party came to a similar conclusion. Additionally, their accuracy varies as the distance to the target increases. Therefore, if one of our bullets is used to stop an intruder, bandito, or a lycanthrope our best advice is to not pull the trigger until the target is up-close and personal. Lastly, Apocalyptic Ammunition implies no warranty, and is not liable for any damage incurred to any firearm which has fired any of our ammunition.